Please One, Not All

In Maria Popova’s interview on being interested, creating more time in a day, and how to start a successful blog, she expresses many powerful ideas, but one idea that I found was the most meaningful was when she discussed on how writing for others can make you bitter, but writing for yourself will show your own contentment and passion. During her interview, she stated, “Write for yourself, stay interested, don’t ever let yourself think of what you do as content or be bullied into viewing it much less treating it in such.” She believes that you should only write to please one person and that person is yourself. The moment you open your door for other people’s prediction, expectations, or desires you are no longer writing for yourself, you are writing for people.

Maria Popova’s idea on writing for yourself and not others also applies in everyday life. Besides writing for yourself, I believe that everything you do in your life should be for yourself and nobody else. Everything you do should show your passion and contentment. In our society today, many people are changing their hard work into difficult work, the work they do no longer brings them happiness instead, they make it more difficult by trying to please others. This makes many people feel pressured in their next part of work, they become too worried about what their audience want rather than working for themselves because they are passionate about it and they begin to lose their self satisfaction.

In my life, I feel like I do a lot of things for other people rather than doing it for myself. I feel like I do things for my parents, teachers, or coaches to please them or give them what they want instead of doing what I truly want to do. I think this makes me lose interest in things and lose my passions, it makes me feel never really accomplished or proud of myself. So, if you end up doing everything in life for yourself, you will always feel accomplished and proud of your work and dedication you have put in.

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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful response. It’s so hard as a teenager to have time for YOU and the things you enjoy to do just for yourself. I hope you can take some time to balance your passions between your academics, sports, and family life. This is something that I struggle with as well. Looking forward to your next post, Kitty!

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