Reading Is A Journey

Reading is like taking a journey in your mind. It allows us to travel through the story and lets us experience what is happening. Reading is very beneficial to the human brain by expanding your imagination, giving you knowledge, and better concentration. In other words, reading makes you smarter. But, reading can also be beneficial […]

The Climb

In the early 2000s, one of the most popular Disney Channel shows came out, Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana has taught us many things throughout the show from telling little white lies to having everlasting friendships. Hannah Montana’s songs portray many important lessons that young viewers can learn from such as her song, Find Yourself in […]

Please One, Not All

In Maria Popova’s interview on being interested, creating more time in a day, and how to start a successful blog, she expresses many powerful ideas, but one idea that I found was the most meaningful was when she discussed on how writing for others can make you bitter, but writing for yourself will show your […]

Hello world!

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