Reading Is A Journey

Reading is like taking a journey in your mind. It allows us to travel through the story and lets us experience what is happening. Reading is very beneficial to the human brain by expanding your imagination, giving you knowledge, and better concentration. In other words, reading makes you smarter. But, reading can also be beneficial to human health, it can reduce stress, improve self-esteem, and improve social skills. Reading is a way to relax and forget about all the worries in the world. 

To me, reading a great book is one of the best feelings in the world. You don’t have to worry about all the other things going on  around you, you just focus on your book and enjoy it. I have always enjoyed reading, I love to learn while I read and imagine all the things in the book like it was real. Each page I turn, my stresses and worries would disappear. I love reading books of drama and feeling the suspense when you didn’t know what would happen next. I would read for hours but it felt so short because I was so intrigued in the book. I used to read a lot when I was younger and had more free time, but as I reached the end of middle school going into high school, I had less time on my hands to read.

Although I enjoy reading now, there were times when I was younger that I despised reading. I think this was because in school we were taught how and what to read. The main reason we read in school was for comprehension and figure out the central idea of the book instead of really enjoying it. I know that many of my classmates, even today, don’t enjoy reading because the books we read in school don’t grab the attentions’ of the audience. I don’t think people actually don’t enjoy reading, it’s just that they haven’t found the right book that interests them. So, the next time you want to relax, grab a book and enjoy it with no worries floating around you.

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